6 Tips for Playing the Tooth Fairy

Published on October 05, 2016 | News

Blame it on Pinterest or a dozen other social media sites, but the bar for playing the Tooth Fairy is higher than ever.

From printouts to notes covered in fairy dust to websites that introduce you to your tooth fairy, playing the Tooth Fairy is so much more than just depositing money under a kid’s pillow before he or she wake ups.

Are you ready for the challenge of playing the role of the Tooth Fairy in the 21st century?

Make It About More Than Money

Inflation has hit the tooth market, and if your kids are in school, they probably come home with stories about how much all their classmates are bringing in from the “sale” of their teeth. It’s difficult to explain the varying economics of why someone gets $10 a tooth and others less. According to a Visa survey, the Tooth Fairy was paying, on average, $3.00 in 2012, and it’s estimated these days that she’s paying closer to $3.25 a tooth. That adds up.

One way to keep your kids guessing on what they’ll receive is by telling them that either certain teeth are worth more or that the better they care for them, the better the payout. This is a good way to save some money and get your kids thinking seriously about dental hygiene.

Leave Proof

It’s hard to believe that a fairy flies in and out of the room, swiping a tooth without the child noticing. A glitter trail from the window to the bed will help make it more believable. Everyone knows, after all, that fairies always leave glitter.

Leave a Note

Leaving a note or certificate from your child’s fairy is a great way to compliment him or her on the brushing — or to point out the work he or she still has to do. Good oral hygiene begins in childhood, and who would know better than the Tooth Fairy?

Play a Joke

If you prefer not to leave a trail of glitter, create some mayhem in the child’s room instead. Knock something over, or play a joke with one of your child’s stuffed animals. Fairies have wicked senses of humor.

Use Special Currency

The Tooth Fairy doesn’t use plain old dirty dollar bills; instead, she uses things such as silver dollars and other special currency. Sometimes there’s a stack of it tied in a sparkly ribbon. Note to overzealous tooth fairies: Keep a stash of these on hand, because you never know when a tooth will come loose.

Encourage Your Child to Play a Trick on the Tooth Fairy

Fairies are tricky characters, as are children. Why not encourage your child to “hide” his or her tooth from the fairy? If your child takes your advice and hides it somewhere without including you, leave your child a note that night telling him or her that only fairies play tricks and that the fairy has hidden the child’s money somewhere he or she will never find it.

Visits from the Tooth Fairy are the kind of things children look forward to. If you follow these steps, you’re bound to bring some extra magic to your children’s childhoods. And that’s something we could all use more of.

Image via Flickr by mrchrishill

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