Turn Oral Health Into a Game With a Smart Toothbrush

Published on March 29, 2017 | News

Parents of young children know that sometimes brushing teeth can be the most dreadful part of the day.

Battles for independence versus clean teeth ensue — you want to make sure your little one’s teeth are clean, but they’re on a mission to do it all by themselves. And if they do let you do it for them, it can be difficult when they can’t seem to stay still for a second.

As they grow, they become more responsible, but it’s still important to make sure they’re brushing properly. That’s when a toothbrush that turns the task into a game could help.

Grush The Gaming Toothbrush

Although fun children’s toothbrushes have been on the market for quite some time, getting your kids to cooperate is still a challenge. Grush The Gaming Toothbrush could change that by turning a chore into a game.

Grush is a smart toothbrush that uses Bluetooth to connect with smartphones and tablets. Recognizing that children often learn new concepts better by playing games, Grush has created a game to help motivate children to brush their teeth — and brush them well.

Children choose from a variety of available games and begin to play as they brush their teeth. A sensor on the smart toothbrush detects the movement and position of the toothbrush so it can determine if your child has brushed all their teeth sufficiently.

There’s a connection between the game and proper brushing. Analyzing the motion of the toothbrush, it lets child know if they’re brushing correctly. The toothbrush helps children learn the optimum angle toward the gum line and the appropriate amount of time of brushing in each area of the mouth.

Parents have access to a brushing-tracking device that informs them whether the child has brushed during the day and if he/she did a proper job.

The toothbrush has three entertaining games available for Android and iOS users:

  1. Monster Chase: Toothbrushes track down the “baddies” hiding in between teeth and chase them away
  2. Brush a Pet: Help a virtual pet take care of its hair as you brush your teeth
  3. Toothy Orchestra: The toothbrush transforms into a conductor’s wand so children can play music according to instructions

Help your children understand that taking care of their teeth means fewer cavities, less pain and more money saved for other fun activities.

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